3rd ISEA ISAP Dec 9-11, 2019 See you all @ IIT Guwahati

Accepted Papers

Fuzzy String Matching Algorithm for Spam Detection in Twitter

Alok Kumar, Alwyn Pais and Maninder Singh.

Secure Opportunistic Data Exchange using Smart Devices in 5G/LTE-A networks

Sumit Tetarave and Somanath Tripathy.

APPLADroid: Automaton based Inter-app Privacy Leak Analysis for Android

Vineeta Jain, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj Singh Gaur and Mohamed Mosbah.

Malware Signature Generation using by Locality Sensitive Hashing

Mohammadhadi Alaeiyan, Hassan Naderi and Vinod P.

IP traceback in dynamic networks

Sangita Roy, Hardik Chawla and Ashok Singh Sairam.

Bloom Filter based Privacy Preserving Deduplication System

Jay Dave, Vijay Laxmi, Parvez Faruki, Manoj Gaur and Bhavya Shah.

Unsupervised Person Re-id in Surveillance Feed using Re-ranking

Mohit Singh, Vijay Laxmi and Neeta Nain

Multiparty Evaluation of Finite State Machine

Jaydeep Howlader and Dhaneshwar Mardi.

A Semantic Notion of Secure Information- Flow

Naren N and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar.

DroidDivesDeep: Android Malware Classification via Low Level Monitorable Features with Deep Neural Network

Parvez Faruki, Bhavya Shah, Vijay Laxmi, Akka Zemmari and Manoj Singh Gaur.

Bad Signature Identification in a Batch using Error Detection Codes

Apurva Kittur, Swapnil Kauthale and Alwyn Roshan.

A Solution To "Confused Deputy" Problem Using RWFM Labels

Sandip Ghosal and Rk Shyamasundar.

An Enhanced Privacy-Preserving Recommender System

Pranav Verma, Harshul Vaishnav, Anish Mathuria and Sourish Dasgupta.

Threshold Ring Signature with message block sharing

Swati Rawal and Sahadeo Padhye.

Testing Program Crash Based on Search Based Testing and Exception Injection

Faisal Anwer, Mohd Nazir and Khurram Mustafa.

An Approach to Meta-Alert Generation for Anomalous TCP Traffic

Deeksha Kushwah, Rajni Ranjan Singh and Deepak Singh Tomar.

BlockSLaaS: Blockchain Assisted Secure Logging-as-a- Service For Cloud Forensics

Sagar Rane and Arati Dixit.

Machine Learning Based Approach to Detect Position Falsification Attack in VANETs

Pranav Kumar Singh, Shivam Gupta, Ritveeka Vashistha, Sunit Kumar Nandi and Sukumar Nandi.

EvadePDF: Towards Evading Machine Learning based PDF Malware Classifiers

Sukanta Dey, Abhishek Kumar, Mehul Sawarkar, Pranav Kumar Singh and Sukumar Nandi.

Keystroke Dynamics Authentication Using Small Datasets

Nataasha Raul, Royston Dmello and Mandar Bhalerao.

ARBAC:Attribute-Enabled Role Based Access Control Model

Mahendra Pratap Singh, Sudharsan S and Vani M..

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